The Return of the Grab Bag

Darcy Selke "Editor in Chief"


I didn’t have anything specific to write about this week even though a pretty big game dropped last night.

This will just be a grab bag week, and Zack should have a post next week as he’s going review GoW!


Crusader Kings 2: Electronic Cocaine?

So a while back I saw a post about how the best Game of Thrones game is a mod to another game.

it was free last week so I grabbed it on Steam and Holy Hell this game is addictive. It’s essentially a Medieval Europe simulator but with the most amount of detail I think I’ve ever seen in a game.

Here are some highlights:

-You breed your court and vassals (and family) like they’re cattle in order to give your court stat boosts and set up marriages with other rulers.

-You play as a Family not as a character so if you die you continue the game as your heir.

-I ruled all of Ireland, went on a Crusade and won the the Kingdom of Jerusalem but then my scum bag half brother led a revolt and robbed me of it. Took me 150 years but I’m back to ruling Ireland.

-I was trained by a japanese warrior who sounds suspiciously like Mr Miagi.

Xbox Games With Gold: Assassins Creed

The last Assasins Creed game I actually enjoyed was Black Flag. After the trainwreck of Unity was released I gave up on Ubisoft for a while. Syndicate was available (again for free) so I’ll give it a quick playthrough and have a review up for anyone who cares.

Games with Gold is tough because for the last four weeks it’s been a lot of really bad games that should’ve been free anyway. Things like Blood Dragon and Shadow Warrior. 

I really like what Games with Gold is about but if all of the games have that little thought put into them, or if they’re just poorly made then you feel like Games with Gold isn’t really giving you anything.

Call of Duty Doing What We All Expected

No one will think COD games are single-player master pieces but still this news is still upsetting if only as a marker of whats to come for more brands.

Games like Fortnite and PUBG have shown creators that they can get eyeballs and money on their side more without needing to treat their games as anything more than viewing experiences.

I know a lot of people are upset by this but to be honest of all the brands, COD doing this surprises me the least. the Zombies mode went from a side gimmick to an actual reason people play the game.

I’m not here to tell people they have to play Single Player games, two of my favourite games in the past five years have been Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.

It’s somewhat sad considering I remember this franchise as a place where my Dad and I shared moments together playing through historical campaigns. Sure, it was usually me playing and him watching but there’s an effect that I can’t see a Multiplayer game having.


That’s it for this week. Thanks again if you’re still supporting Replay Value. It’s gotten a bit harder to post now that I have an actual job but I’ll keep trying my best!



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