Fallout 76: What and Why?

Darcy "Editor in Chief" Selke

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about Bethesda’s announcement for a new installent in the Fallout franchise.

My first reaction was an incredible “YESSSSS”, I love the Fallout series and Fallout 4 was the first game I ever wrote about.

Within hours though internet users started putting together pieces of the mystery like, “why is this not #5, why 76?” The answer it turns out (or is rumoured to be) because this game is going to be different than other games. This one is going to be an Online Survival game?

I haven’t had a chance to discuss it with Zack further but I’m sure he’ll make a post about why this is dumb. Zack didn’t like Fallout 4 and he has some legitimate reasons, first among them being that they simply didn’t have enough vaults, which is totally fair.

Here’s my reasons for cautious optimism:

Something New

So as much as I love the series and gameplay of Fallout I always try to support a studio for doing something new.

It’s one of my most common criticisms with Nintendo (until recently). Ever year its Zelda, Mario, Kart, Smash, rinse and repeat. So I want to support a franchise for trying something new, so long as they keep the essence of what made their games enjoyable in the first place.

Granted this is all rumoured and if it it a “survival” style game like Rust, I can see the connection. The only thing I ask is for the love of god keep crafting to a minimum. It’s the bane of my existence in a survival game when I have to look through endless menus to make a new crappy item.

Online Play

Fallout seems like a series made for single player. My favourite moments have been wandering around until you stumble on a location you’ve never heard of or seen before.

I’m not sure how well that dynamic will translate into an online game where if you have other people on your team you have to convince them to come with you but the idea of stumbling on a Vault that is mid-way through being pillaged by other players is a cool thought.

Plus with the popularity of people streaming Fallout runs I can see why Bethesda thought to try this.

Time to Worry?

There are definitely things that could go wrong here. If you’re constantly trying to fight off trolls or other players while investigating some ruins it’s going to probably hamper your ability to read through documents and really dive into the world they’re trying to create. Imagine trying to hack a terminal as some asshole dabs next to you? Yuck.

The combat is the thing I’m worried about the most. Fallout combat is built around being cinematic, you can set up VATS and then just sit back and watch. Fallout 4 seemed to get a little more FPS friendly so maybe they’re going to jump down that rabbit hole but Combat has never been Fallout’s strength so I’m worried about what this will look like.

Lastly I’d be worried that this is a new direction for the entire franchise.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with trying something new but there’s a lot more stories you can tell in Fallout, a lot more locations, etc. From what’s been rumoured we’re going back to the Capitol, and I’m a little unimpressed. I’d like to see some different places, maybe Fallout London? or Hell Canada?!

Cautious Optimism

I know a lot of people have already decided this game is going to be crap and I understand why. Fallout 4 was not as good as Fallout 3, some people don’t even think it was as good as New Vegas. So for those people it looks the series is going downhill, but just wait. I think Fallout 4 was solid, and New Vegas was a fine addition to the series.

The appeal of Fallout is in the wandering, I don’t know how well that will translate to an online experience but I can see it working.

I guess what I’m saying is let’s give it a chance before we collectively write it off.






2 thoughts on “Fallout 76: What and Why?

  1. Zack here! So I wanted to further Darcy’s point since I was actually going to write about this in my post for this week…I guess I’ll have to resort to my back up!

    First off, I didn’t hate Fallout 4. I just thought it was the lazy version of what Fallout could be. Fallout 3 was the first game I’ve ever played in the series and I absolutely loved it!

    It was dark, with often occurrences where I’d wander around and find a mini story that involved cannibals or families who were just looking to survive. I loved it! Every little inch of the game was covered in detail. It had a great story, with one hell of a cast (Liam Neeson as my dad…SIGN.ME.UP).

    But most importantly, Fallout 3 made vaults feel a mystery on it’s own. Because they were so rare to come by, every time I found one, I was mystified of what I would find inside/what story would be the main cause of that vaults demise.

    However, as time went on, with Fallout: New Vegas, and then Fallout 4, I started seeing a change in tone. A game that was once was littered with struggle of survival, was now full of quirky moments, with stupid and not funny characters. The story is starting to take place further and further away from the radiation…and it’s making me lose my interest.

    Also, I love the radio mechanic in the game, making our generation listen to catchy tunes from the 40’s and 50’s…what really pissed me off that Fallout 4 pretty much had the same soundtrack from Fallout 3.

    And now we find out they are making Fallout online with Fallout 76? I’m pissed that Bethesda would go down the route of every other half assed gaming company to squander to the online “pay to win” fans. The whole fun of Fallout is to venture on your own (with a PC companion) to find meaningful stories within the game…Now Fallout is going to be littered with 15 year old kids, telling me that I should go “Pawn some N0obs.” Ugh.

    – Zack “The New Hire” Layton (When can I not be the new hire anymore)


  2. Darcy

    Okay Listen Zack,

    1) You’re the new hire until we get someone new

    2) I’m with you with the Vaults but the Vaults in new Vegas were pretty good!

    3) I think you’ve made up your mind that this game is going to suck and I’m telling you just wait! Wouldn’t it be fun to wander through a vault with your friend instead of wandering through it and having to tell your friend about it later??


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