About Replay Value

Replay Value is about my passion, Video Games. More specifically it’s about viewing games as an art. Video Games can tell stories, bring people together and challenge our world views just like the best movies and books can. In recent years I’ve become frustrated with an industry trend of becoming absorbed by the technology behind games and less with the humanity behind it.

You can expect Replay Value to be three things:

Honest: I hope to give an honest perspective on gaming news, reviews and gaming experiences that you might not get with current game media.

Humorous: Whatever else you get from Replay Value I hope you leave it after having one of those quick-breath-through-your-nose-laughs.

Critical: I don’t think you have to like every game to be called a gamer. I think you give them a fair shot to win you over but at the end of the day a video game is an investment of your time and money. If I don’t like something, there’s a good reason (usually) and I’ll let you know what it is.

If you ever don’t think i’m fulfilling any of these please yell at me until you feel better.